From the beginning of the group finding out about HIV, there have been a considerable measure of inquiries and misguided judgments about HIV. There have likewise been numerous progressions in the comprehension of HIV and pregnancy. To see how HIV influences pregnant ladies and their unborn youngster, it is vital to comprehend what HIV is and how it can be contracted.Get Redirected Here at chance of getting hiv

Anyway, what is HIV? HIV remains for “Human Immunodeficiency Virus.” Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is an infection that harms the safe framework after some time and is the infection that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Our safe frameworks deal with our benefit to keep us sound and battle off contaminations. Many individuals with HIV don’t have the foggiest idea about that they have HIV since they feel and seem solid. They can taint others without knowing it. While there is no known cure for HIV or AIDS, there are numerous medications and trials that give a superior personal satisfaction and, now and again, broaden the lives of those determined to have either HIV or AIDS.

How about we discuss how you DON’T get HIV. You don’t get HIV from touching, embracing, or being around a man with HIV. You can’t get HIV from bug nibbles or mosquitos. You can’t get HIV from kissing unless one of you has an open sore or cut in/outside the mouth. You can’t get HIV from giving blood. HIV is not transmitted through salivation. Presently, how Might you contract HIV? HIV is transmitted through blood and organic liquids including semen, vaginal emissions and bosom drain. Fundamentally, there must be a route for the HIV infection to leave the tainted individual and a section for the HIV infection to enter your body. The three most normal approaches to contract HIV is through unprotected sex, sharing needles, and from mother to newborn child.

How would I know whether I have HIV? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggest that ladies who may wind up plainly pregnant, or who are pregnant, have a HIV test as quickly as time permits. On the off chance that you are as of now pregnant, you may ask for a HIV test whenever amid your pregnancy, more often than not at the principal pre-birth arrangement. The prior, the better to lessen the possibility of mother to infant transmission.

In the event that you test HIV-negative and have unprotected sex or share needles, you ought to be tried again amid the pregnancy. You ought to make a request to be tried again in your third trimester as some of the time it requires investment for the infection to be available in blood tests. It is a smart thought to be tried on the grounds that you could have been presented to HIV through unprotected sex, without knowing it and even without your accomplice knowing it. On the off chance that you share needles, you may likewise be at higher danger of contracting HIV so a rehash HIV test is suggested.

Will my infant have HIV on the off chance that I am HIV positive? On the off chance that you find that you are HIV positive amid pregnancy, meet with your human services supplier to talk about treatment alternatives. You ought to start treatment instantly and MUST take after your prescribed treatment convention amid pregnancy, work, conveyance, and breastfeeding (and past) to diminish the likelihood of passing HIV on to the infant. It is conceivable to convey an infant that is not HIV positive. The prior you start antiviral treatment, the better the odds that your infant won’t be HIV positive. In the event that you test HIV positive, your infant MUST take an antiviral treatment convention to lessen the child’s odds of getting to be plainly contaminated with HIV.

Most ladies that are HIV positive have their infants conveyed through cesarean segment (C-area). In any case, a few ladies that are HIV positive can have vaginal conveyances on the off chance that they have a low popular load (low-level or imperceptible HIV in blood). In asset rich nations, for example, the United States, ladies that are HIV positive are unequivocally encouraged to utilize child equation to nourish their newborn children. Infant equation is the most secure bolstering strategy for newborn children destined to HIV positive moms. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t have entry to infant recipe, sterile jugs and clean water every day, breastfeeding might be your lone alternative. For this situation, it is considerably more critical for you to keep on taking your treatment convention day by day and for your infant to take her treatment convention also. Regardless of the possibility that the mother and child are both on antiviral prescriptions, there is as yet a shot of passing HIV on to the baby through bosom drain.